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The Top Run Subaru with its eyes fixed on South America’s TCR

It will be played with 8 or 9 events in the 2021 calendar, approved by CODASUR, the South American Motor Sport Confederation.

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay are waiting to register for the start of the South American TCR.

Varese, August 08, 2020

The new challenge for TCR will be in South America, and our Top Run team is looking very carefully at its next step. That motivation is given to mobilize again new positive sensations, we would say vibrant, the same ones are given in the entrance to the new frontier of the new TCR South America in 2021.

As we have done previously in the TCR World Championship, using the Subaru WRX STI TCR model. With which we made several interesting participations, offering good shows before the driving of international hierarchy pilots, from the Swiss Alain Menu, the Italian Gigi Ferrara, his compatriots Stefano Comini, several times TCR champion in previous years and the experienced Luca Rangoni, Roberto Russo, without forgetting the Italian promise, Giacomo Altoe. Who shone in 2017 with his participation in the TCR Middle East Series, the Middle East category in this specification.

Where the Italian phenomenon Altoé, demonstrated the competitiveness of the Japanese STI car acquired in Japan, and assembled, manufactured and made completely new by the Agnello brothers. The young driver was intense in his ride with the Subaru TCR WRX STI at the Abu Dhabi Arabian circuit at Yas Marina. This indicates the reliable and stable technological power of the team based in Castiglione Olona, more precisely in Northern Italy.

But now our present is fixed, and we focus on this export to reach South America again, where we have achieved in the past great results both in the Rally, as on the track, having the fortune to overcome these processes with success.
In the Rally, the remembered Argentinean driver Jorge Recalde, was the main mentor of all this sport epic, between Top Run and Argentina. Then in the memory of all, Carlos Menem Jr, who also gave us great satisfaction, to reach the birth of the Córdoba Rally Team with Gabriel Pozzo, Marcos Ligato and Claudio Menzi, who exceeded the expectations created in 2000 and 2001, obtaining the title of the Production Group in the World Rally.

But not everything is Argentina, for Top Run, since we had a novel of incredible victories with the Uruguayan driver Gustavo Trelles, with whom we gave many battles, winning two ecumenical sceptres in the PWRC 1997 and 1998.
We also registered with strong values in the Italian Tourism, where we were superior in the 1993 season with the Lancia Delta Hf Integrale, group N driven by the Argentineans Miguel Angel Guerra, Juan Maria Traverso, the renowned Carlitos Menem Jr, who participated with 2 races in the Lancia Deltona of Group A, together with a young man who was just coming out, Pablo Peón.

A rich history in this brief review, which we transfer to the program we have available for the following year, the interesting 2021 with the entrance or certain intention, in the South American adventure of the TCR.

For the time being, we are looking forward to returning to active professional activity in the best way possible. The Japanese brand of the rising sun Subaru together with Top Run, with the real prospect of reaching the TCR South America 2021.

As TCR World CEO Marcello Lotti stated, "The start of the TCR South America championship from 2020 is a great achievement for us, as it crowns the efforts of our South American partners. We really wanted to export the TCR concept to South America as it is a region where touring championships are very popular. This will please all the manufacturers that have committed to the TCR and the new ones to come, commented Marcello Lotti, CEO of WSC Ltd Group, owner of the TCR concept and its technical regulations.

It is worth mentioning that the TCR South America is backed by the FIA, by the ACA, managed by Eng. Carlos García Remohí, its CEO, established in Argentina is Víctor Rosso
and the commercial denominator and promoter, Mr. Felipe McGough. This new division of circuits in the international arena, is observed fully recalling the golden age of the so-called Nations Cup, where the FIAT group intervened, with the participation of Osvaldo “Cocho” López, manning an Alfa Romeo 155, machine well known to the Agnello brothers and Top Run. It was the car that revolutionized in the 80s and 90s, the Italian Tourism Park.

We are focused on this significant project and Top Run Motorsport’s director of sports operations, Alfonso Agnello, reflects his intentions for next year:
Alfonso Agnello: We are delighted to announce our new sports plans for the short and medium term. Top Run is very excited about the possibility of joining the new TCR South
America category. That is a very important turning point for the availability and promotion of our Subaru cars.

The model is the WRX STI TCR, with which we have been working intensively since the 2015 season until now. We are aware with this great initiative to have the opportunity to return to the place where we were always successful, where we achieved great results in the Rally with the Argentinean and South American drivers. Our main idea is to dispute the whole TCR South America 2021 championship with the mentioned dates in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and maybe Paraguay.

This is a very interesting complement to the TCR in Latin and South America, which is a great place. We would also like to add the countries of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru in the future. Top Run has a very strong link, officially with Subaru STI of Japan and we are convinced with my brothers Antonio and Michele, that it is the right time to incorporate the Top Run Subaru TCR in South American motor racing in an auspicious and total way. So, we are at the disposal of those interested in having our services to run with the WRX STI TCR in the new TCR South America 2021 championship. Finally, we would like to highlight the great work of the CEO Marcello Lotti in the TCR World.

Top Run is looking forward to playing a leading role in this new format of the South American TCR next year.

To get in touch with TCR South America or to find out more about the programme, those interested can contact the following channels:

Mr: Alfonso Agnello, 🇮🇹 🌏
Team Manager Top Run Motorsport

Pablo MACHI WRC 🇦🇷 🌏
Communication, Digital Media Manager; Press
Top Run Motorsport 🇮🇹 🌏


08 August 2020

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