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SpeedAgro Rally Argentina: Ligato, the king of Traslasierra

Marcos Ligato (Citroën C3 Rally2) won the 2022 edition of the SpeedAgro Rally Argentina, after a tremendous definition in which he was able to retake the lead in the last timed sector, the Fernet Branca Giulio Césare-Mina Clavero. The podium was completed by Augusto D’Agostini (Skoda Fabia Rally2) and Augusto Bestard (VW Polo Rally2).

The return to the international calendar of the most emblematic rally race in the continent had an enthralling definition. The SpeedAgro Rally Argentina had a heart-stopping finish, with a very close fight between Marcos Ligato-Rubén García and Alejandro Cancio-Santiago García.

Ligato had dominated the whole race and was in the lead with a 10.9 second advantage over Cancio, but a mistake at the time control of the penultimate stage of the race cost him a 20 second penalty, dropping him to second place, just over 7 seconds behind the driver from Neuquén.

However, in the last special stage of the race, in the Fernet Branca Giulio Césare-Mina Clavero, the driver from Córdoba flew. He improved by almost 19 seconds what he had done in the morning, while Cancio suffered a run off the road that put a definitive seal on the result of the race.

The Citroën C3 Rally2 driver took a resounding victory, winning six of eleven special stages of the weekend and beating Augusto D’Agostini-Juan Pablo Carrera (Skoda Fabia Rally2) by 29.2 seconds and Augusto Bestard-José Díaz (VW Polo Rally2) by more than two minutes.
Further back finished Miguel Zaldivar-Diego Cagnoti (VW Polo Rally2) and Roberto Saba-Leo Suaya (Skoda Fabia Rally2).
The Codasur2 was won by the Paraguayans Wilifred Klassen-Juan Cabrera (Mitsubishi Lancer), followed by César Pedotti-Martín Rodríguez (Mitsubishi Lancer) and Antonio Prevedello-Vicente Andreatta (Mitsubishi Lancer).

In the Codasur4 the victory went to the Uruguayans Rodrigo Fialho-Rodrigo Arbiza (Renault Clio), escorted by Diego Alvarado-Máximiliano Karamatich (Ford Fiesta) and Federico MaisonnaveUlises Agesta (Ford Fiesta).
Marcos Ligato – Winner Rally Argentina 2022: “It’s a huge happiness. It is the race we all wanted to win. We worked hard to do it. I knew we could win it and I felt like a winner from the beginning. Unfortunately, we had a penalty at a moment we didn’t expect, but we went down
the Giulio as fast as we could and we were able to win it”, said the winner of the competition.

Augusto D’Agostini – 2nd Codasur: “I’m more than happy because we are just doing the first kilometers in this car and being able to take second place against these drivers makes us very happy. We drove well all weekend and we hope to continue progressing”.
Augusto Bestard – 3rd Codasur: “It is very important. Being on the podium again is a great satisfaction, especially in Cordoba with so many good drivers and being the best of my country makes me very proud”.

Jorge Recalde and his well-deserved tribute

SpeedAgro Rally Argentina paid tribute to the greatest exponent of the Argentine rally: Jorge Recalde. The definition of this edition had one of the most classic stages in the world of rally: the Super Special Fernet Branca Giulio Cesare – Mina Clavero (19,33km). It is the section that Jorge Raúl Recalde used to run without his codrivers reading the road book, as he knew it by heart.
The relevance of “El Condor” of Traslasierra could be captured in the competitors who were part of this edition of SpeedAgro Rally Argentina. “When you say Rally Argentina the first thing that comes to mind is Jorge Recalde and the Giulio Cesare”, said Marcos Ligato, while Alejandro Cancio, also commented “Always being in Mina Clavero is special, being close to Jorge’s home.

Above all, what he means to all the people who love Rally”.
In addition, the Paraguayan driver Gustavo Saba also referred to this special stage and the incredible crowd: “It is a world-class section, I am very happy. We enjoyed it. It is very difficult, especially the braking points, you have to be clear about that, because the road has grip in some parts and in others it is very slippery. It is very nice how many people are in the sections”.










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